Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Dead Inside

Contact: Corrie

Working Title: ‘Dead Inside’

Format: Feature Film
Genre: Psychological Horror
Status: Treatment

It’s amazing what some will do to feed the hungry…

Log-line: A sexually frustrated grad student traps a zombie in the dorm room of the girl he secretly lusts after, yet when she subsequently moves into his room he must choose between keeping her near and destroying the evil he knows lies within.


Duncan has spent the previous weeks obsessively observing the mysterious nocturnal comings and goings of the bewitching girl in the opposite dorm. One night, unexpectedly, she knocks on his door to escape the grotesque, zombie-like creature following her. Together they trap the ailing creature in her room. With Beth in his room and the dying creature locked away, Duncan allows his monstrous desire for Beth to deafen his caution. When Beth seems to return his affections Duncan is ecstatic, yet she soon becomes distant. Duncan becomes the subject of malicious gossip as rumours of Beth’s infidelity sweep the corridors and students start to go missing. When the creatures in Beth’s room grow in number and strength Duncan must summon the courage to be a man, not a monster, before it is too late. Shallow Grave merges with Ginger Snaps in an intense psychological horror dealing with desire, obsession and the burden of being human.

Originally conceived as a student feature and partially developed on the MA Scriptwriting course ‘Dead Inside’ is ideally suited to micro-budget production, necessitating only a small cast and a handful of locations. Compelling concept? No? All thoughts and observations welcome at this stage. Contact me on email address provided.

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